AKB48 is a girl’s band divided into large female groups. Although, they have become more famous than the similar group from the 80s, Onyanko Club, even share the same Producer. So, its not really a surprise the similarities in it but it’s hard to see positive this type of bands that mimic AKB48, as sister groups.

The producer Yasushi Akimoto (秋元 康) has married to an ex-member of the Onyanko Club. He has been responsible for the AKB48 groups as well the sister groups spread across Asia. However, I have been following along AKB48 since forever and the more read about them, the more the producer creeps me out. I don’t know how a traditionalist and conservatory talks in Japan allow this type of female Objectification as “legit”. The same country describes in the Netflix series “Naked Director” as such pure and innocent, but all seem a spectrum of lies and illusions with AKB48 and very BIAS Japan with the Pervert and corrupted mind. I fear for these girls’ future.

Let me explain better…

AKB48 is a Japanese idol girl group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, where the group’s performance theater is located. AKB48’s producer, Yasushi Akimoto, formed a girl group in its own theater with hopes in having performances daily so fans could always see them live (which is not the case). This “idols you can meet” concept includes teams which can rotate performances; perform simultaneously at several events; the “handshake” events, where fans can meet group members and show the creep inside them. Akimoto has expanded the AKB48 concept to several girl groups in China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

Japanese idols are entertainers/performers who appeal directly to fans for support. Close interactions between fans and idols allow idols to cultivate and maintain loyal fan followings, like puppies.

At the end of each idol AKB48 time, the Idol will public announce it as Graduation. Akimoto decides when will be the final performance of the Idol. But what’s the life after AKB48?

After many girls/women graduated from AKB48, they lack skills for a normal life. You will only be able to count by the fingers – how many continued lives in music after- If you can count in 5% total, its good because I think it’s more 2%. In my perspective, AKB48 doesn’t contribute for the Japan music industry, or for the artistic value of the idol as an individual artist. Since everything is done and design by the producer.

Some became actresses and models that number might be a little higher. Maybe!

Other fell into the live of a low salary working class or were scouted as pornographic stars. AKB48 is revealing each generation how low contribution in the Japan music industry and for the girl’s future. At first, I thought they were there for college funds but that’s not the case.

The Fashion

If you see the fashion of people out of the Japan music industry, they are very modest and casual. Its exceedingly rare so find someone dressing so little fabric, compared to the AKB48 and the rest of performances by other artists. You never saw Hannah Montana with a skirt 3 inches below the Butt cheek. And you say: “of course not she was child.”

Did you know the girls inside the AKB48, and the sisters’ groups have a between 10 to 30 years old?

Now imagine posing in lingerie for a video clip while having pillow fights. do you find this good? I don’t even in artistic sense I dont see this as anything but all-ages-female body objectification industry, since the girls are not there for to create music or expand artistic value.

Or even the Annual Bikini photos to sell fans make no sense specially kids with 10 -16 years old having their bikini photo sold to a above 50 years old?!

This was very criticizing in Japan and the production changed it to 18years old limit for the bikini, even if they continue to have it for underage.

With all the clothes issues and the high-school age, you can imagine where the odd school uniforms regulation news and rumours has an influence on the current days. No colour hair, except natural, no skirts 3inches above the knee, and the most recent one: the ponytails prohibited for being too sexy?!

The recent Sakurazaka46, sister group, “modest” look

From the idol group Keyakizaka46, a branch of Japan’s top-selling girl band AKB48, has sparked outrage on social media over their Halloween costume, which resembled the uniform worn by Nazi SS officers before and during World War II. Creating a wave of critics in the Press and social media.

The group later was re branded to the Sakurazaka46. Sakurazaka46 is a bit weird. They are wanting to be away from the AKB48 normal dance routine and the typical low cutting dress, instead they dress oversize and unfashionable clothes and barely any dancing or movement.

The Fans

Most of the Japanese Fans are 3:7 ratio, being male fans more than 50% of the female fans that barely go to any event of the AKB48 because its full of men from all ages, as you see on the picture.

Some fans would rather spend their time supporting their favourite idols than actively pursuing love interests. Putting every feeling in the idols.

Inside the AKB48 and sisters’ groups incidents Timeline

– In February 2013 group member Minami Minegishi, had her head shaved and appeared in a YouTube video to apologize after it reported by a tabloid that she had spent the night with a man in violation of her contract; she had been demote to the status of trainee. Although her shaved head was self-inflicted in an apologetic response to her fans and peers for her demotion, it was seen as an overreaction and attracted criticism of how the situation was managed. You did not read it wrong! The girls don’t have a personal love life while serving at the AKB48 contract.

– In 2012, member Yuka Masuda was forced out of the group under similar circumstances, while Rina Sashihara was “exiled” to Fukuoka-based sister group HKT48 (after another tear-stained apology to fans) when an ex-boyfriend revealed details of their relationship.

What is happening here is that the protection of fans’ fragile fantasies automatically trumps the basic human right to a life outside that fantasy framework. Though as lawyer Hifumi Okunuki pointed out in a Japan Times article on Jan. 22, such an arrangement is illegal under Japanese labour laws.

– On May 25, 2014, a man wielding a saw attacked and wounded 19-year-old Rina Kawaei and 18-year-old Anna Iriyama, two members of bumper girl group AKB48, and a male staffer at an event where fans get to shake hands with their AKB idols.

Fortunately, the injuries were minor, but fans were shocked. The victims and their AKB48 comrades must have been terrified. The man later explained it was unfair the girl idols received so much money while he was unemployed.

– In December 2018, Maho Yamaguchi, a member of the idol girl group NGT48, assaulted by two male fans of the group inside of her apartment building, she was saved by someone else and press charges against the two male fans, but the police never follow through. Details of the incident were not disclosed until January 8, 2019, when Yamaguchi personally did on social media, also explaining that her personal information was leaked to the men through other members of NGT48 and denouncing the group’s management for inaction on the issue. She was allegedly pressured into apologizing in public, sparking outrage in Japan and abroad, with many celebrities including fellow NGT48 members accusing the group’s management of victim blaming and trying to sweep the issue under the rug.

– In 2021 AKBaby invites fans to breed with their favourite pop idols. It sounds creepy! I know! Fortunately, it was a virtual app option for fans. Hardcore fans who cough up ¥1,480 a month will be able to use the AKBaby app that allows them to see what kind of baby they might have in the extremely unlikely event that they got to impregnate their favourite pop idol. Never mind, it still sounds too creepy!

The app merges the features of mouth-breathing otaku with those of their most beloved AKB48 member and voila — a downloadable photo of the resulting baby is born.

The commercial tagline, “Won’t you make a baby with me?” Oshima was keen to point out that she did not really get her boobs out for the campaign shoot. “The photograph was taken in a way that made it look like that,” according to her.

Made it look like that? What a brilliant Idea!

What’s next going from virtual to reality? The increase of sexual harassment in Japan becomes more natural?!

Whats next ” a night of love with the idol”, a physical one?

This of course highlights the lack morality of dark side of Japan’s entertainment industry, AKB48 has also encapsulated the way the experiences of Japanese women are appropriated and exploited by Japanese society — for instance, the group’s songs are meant to reflect the lives of teenage girls but were written by its 60-year-old male creator, Yasushi Akimoto.

“Sarcasm”: I guess a 60-Year-old would be able to understand the monthly woman needs and monthly pains. Or the lack of personal love life, since he married former member of a group he also produced.

The Japan’s Music Industry have been trying to run from the Idols image and what they represent. You do not see other female singers fulfilling the desires of a 60-year-old man and his songs. They write most their songs, they have word in the matters of their personal careers, unlike AKB48 that have more chances end up working in sex industry than to continue a good life after AKB48.

The AKB48 has become a Cancer in the Japan Music industry! (And thats my opinion!)


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